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Cell Phone Insurance – A Look at the Various Aspects it covers

Before you buy cell phone insurance, it’s important to take a look at everything that it covers. Now some people have this wrong impression that it covers just about everything under the sun. But, even the most comprehensive insurance policies don’t cover everything. 

Therefore it’s important to take a closer look at everything the phone insurance policies cover. This will help you make an informed decision when you buy a cover for your phone.

It covers accidental damage

Say you are talking on your phone and somebody pushes against you, and you lose control of it and it falls down, thus getting damaged in the process. Such accidental damages are covered, but before you sign on the dotted line, be very clear about what constitutes accidental damage. That’s because, most insurance covers won’t accept your claim if the damage is a result of carelessness. So an insurance company will only pass the claim if the phone has been damaged in spite of your taking reasonable care that you prevent it from getting damaged. 

Unauthorized Calls

If and when your phone gets stolen, there is a chance that the thief will make unauthorized calls from it. These calls are covered but within a certain limit. This is a very good cover to have, but it makes sense only if you call your network carrier to block all calls from your number when your phone gets stolen. This way you will make sure that, if at all any calls are made from your number, they are restricted to within the limits of your cover.

Stolen Phones

There are increasing incidences of mobile phones getting stolen, especially the ones that are really very expensive. So, you can buy insurance that covers your phone against theft. But carefully read the rules and regulations that govern such policies, for example one of the clauses is that if and when your phone gets stolen, you must immediately report the theft and convey the report number to the insurance company. If you don’t report your theft within a particular amount of time as designated by the insurance company, there is a good chance that your claim will be rejected. There is another important aspect that you need to bear in mind which is if the phone is left unattended and it gets stolen; you will not be able to claim your cover.

End Words

These are just some of the aspects that are covered by cell phone insurance; your phone will also be covered for any damage or theft while travelling abroad, for the apps or games that are on it and even its accessories are covered by some insurance covers. It’s important that you get a complete understanding of the phone insurance you are planning to buy and the various aspects covered in it. When you are choosing a particular services or a product, you must always go with your eyes open, this ensures that you do not make a wrong choice. This fact remains true for cell phone insurance as well. Know everything about it before you make a decision to buy it.