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The Relaunch of MoFo Mojo (the MoFo website)

There has nary been a brouhaha about a law firm website as there was about the former website of Morrison & Foerster LLP.  The Google analytics traffic stats were undoubtedly boosted by the lookie-lous, responding to friendly viral urges, "You just have to see this."

Well, MoFo has launched its new site and Above the Law has done a fine walk-through of it.

So you can compare, here is a link to the old site on Wayback Machine.

The budget of the old site was rumored to be $1 million-plus.  Above the Law notes this in its post.  I don't know the budget of this current site . . . what do you think, regardless of what they spent, do you think they got their money's worth on this redesign?

 Read more insight at the Law Firm 4.0 Blog.

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