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Become a Contributing Member of the Legal Business Community Today
Posted on 24 Mar 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

You can lend your expertise and establish your firm/business as a thought leader by contributing content to the LexisNexis Legal Business Community today. If you would like to find out how you can do this by contributing articles, blogs and other valued... Read More

Census Says Women Equal to Men in Advanced Degrees
Posted on 27 Apr 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

WASHINGTON (AP) - Women are now just as likely as men to have completed college and to hold an advanced degree, part of an accelerating trend of educational gains that have shielded women from recent job losses. Yet they continue to lag behind men in... Read More

Firm's New Office Space Includes Rooftop Deck, Coffee Bar…and Not Many Walls
Posted on 17 May 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

Chicago-based firm Childress, Duffy, Goldblatt Ltd. has left the traditional office setting behind for a rather unique space, which includes a rooftop deck with wireless access, a coffee bar, sofas and flat-screen televisions. Staff works on the rooftop... Read More

LexisNexis Launches Legal Business Community at Legal Tech 2010
Posted on 26 Jan 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

LexisNexis unveiled its new Legal Business Community site at LegalTech 2010 on Monday, February 1. The new online community provides news, analyses, insights and best practices needed to run today's law firm. Content featured on the community includes... Read More