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A Very Simple Twitter Formula for Generating Legal Marketing Business

Twitter is the leading traffic generator for THE KARASMA MEDIA MARKETING BLOG. One of the best helps I found when I first started using this tool came from Angela Maiers , educator, author, blogger who leads Maier Educational Services.

Angela developed a simple Twitter Engagement Formula that provides purpose and direction for her participation. She calls it the 70-20-10 Formula:

Share Resources (70) - Successful learning in the 21st Century is not what you know, but what you can share, so 70% of my Twittertime is spent sharing others voices, opinions, and tools.

Collaborations (20) - 20% of my Tweets are directly responding, connecting, collaboration, and co-creating with like-minded Twitter colleagues. From these important tweets, lifelong professional and personal relationships have been forged.

Chit-Chat (10) 10% of my Twittertalk is "chit-chat-how's-your-hat" stuff. It is in these "trivial" details shared about working out, favorite movies, politics, and life in general that I connect with others as a human being. These simple chit chats are what have allowed me to know that I am never alone, and there is support whenever, wherever, and however I need it!

Angela reminds her readers that their engagement formula will be different but hers provides a good example and a place to get started.  Angela says to, "Engage with purpose and intention, and Twitter success will follow!"

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