Legal Business

Fear of Facebook? You decide.

"Should I be on Facebook?" That is the first question lawyers often ask me these days. Followed by: "Should I trust Facebook?" and "Is Facebook really worth my time for business development?"

My answer is an enthusiastic YES! but.....

.....only in the hands of a conscientious user who

  1. takes the time to understand the population,
  2. knows the process of how business relationships develop, and
  3. stays on top of the privacy settings.

Facebook can be a place for business and becoming more so all the time as the population of Facebook evolves. Just this month,  Experian Hitwise reported that traffic on Facebook surpassed Google to become the number one website in the U.S.

This post is the first in a series on Facebook for individuals who want to establish a business presence. The next post will cover more privacy settings and ideas for projecting a business image on Facebook, but for now, if you currently have a profile on Facebook and if you have not already visited your SETTINGS this month, I HIGHLY recommend that you go through each and every option under your ACCOUNT tab-settings, privacy, applications and HELP as soon as you're finished reading this post.

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