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The In-House Counsel as IT to Legalese to Business Translator - Document Management v. Records Management

This week, In the House is introducing a new feature, special guest bloggers.  Going forward, Special Guest Bloggers will share their own insight into the practice of law in-house and, in particular, the impact of technology on Law Department Knowledge Management.  Consistent with my underlying premise regarding Law Department Knowledge Management - that it is all about sharing and the sum of the parts through the exchange of information pertinent to in-house counsel across the world, I am aspiring to bring forward in-house counsel who would like to contribute one specific set of thoughts to our community.  If you are interested in participating in this series and would like to write a one time blog within this blog, let me know - the pen is yours.

Today's blogger, James Wong, is well versed working in-house and is an extremely interesting cutting edge public speaker on topics of import to in-house counsel.  If you go back to my prior blogs you will see he has been quoted by me in the past.  Currently, James is United States Counsel for Chinney Capital, a Hong Kong based private equity fund currently investing in distressed US real estate.  In this blog, James considers the important distinction and relationship between document management versus Records Management. 

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