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Too Busy For Marketing? Tap Into Your Social Web Communities

Who has time for business development when you're really busy with client work? Since the beginning of 2010 I've been struggling to balance the time I devote to taking care of my clients-who deserve 100 percent of my attention-and the time I  can devote to writing my blog, following up with the great people I've met at conferences and on social online networks and building exposure for my business, LawGravity. Every time I've wanted to say,

"I'm too busy with client work or writing my book,, to spend time on marketing,"

I think about all the lawyers over the years that have told me, "I don't have time for marketing right now, when things slow down, check back with me," and I replied, that's not a good strategy, I've had to bite my tongue. That would be on more than one occasion, recently.

Fact is, the social Web is an excellent destination for "having it all."

Even though I wonder how many opportunities to connect to new people I've missed because lately I've been too busy to write any decent blog posts and I'm tempted to beat up on myself, I remind myself that....

How can ANYONE be too busy to set aside the job of expanding or growing their business?

It's the easier path, I guess.

But then I remember that everything I do is business development. When emails are returned promptly, when I deliver projects on time or communicate their progress with detail, when I  keep my promise to send a proposal on Friday and deliver it on Thursday exceeding their expectations, or when I take fifteen minutes to help out a colleague or introduce someone to new a connection, that's all business development. And I do it all the time!  Even when I'm busy. When I do all those things with excellence, people notice. When people notice, they actually do my business development for me by spreading the word-word of mouth marketing is very effective. It's a natural part of the flow.

The social Web, social media or social networking all make it easier for me stay in touch one-to-many AND open up new opportunities.

Adding a social Web dimension to the communities I've nurtured over the years has been very valuable and in fact increases my business development WOM (word of mouth) exponentially. Not just in marketing terms, but also for the support my communities have been to my work. They are a lifesaver in enabling me to do both my client work and my can work for you too! We all get by with a little help from our friends.

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