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How to define legal project management
Posted on 29 Jun 2011 by Jim Hassett

When I give speeches, I usually include a slide that defines legal project management. But until recently, I had not been satisfied with my own slide. Legal project management is an emerging area, and no one can be sure what it will look like in a... Read More

Book review: Project management for lawyers
Posted on 13 Jul 2011 by Jim Hassett

Buy this book. (Right after you buy mine .) Project Management for Lawyers was written by two experts in this emerging field: Barbara Boake , a senior partner at McCarthy Tetrault , and Rick Kathuria, a certified Project Management Professional at... Read More

Who was the first to certify legal project managers?
Posted on 11 May 2011 by Jim Hassett

There's been some controversy lately about who was the first to offer certification in legal project management. There does not seem to be any dispute about the facts. Last November, when we announced the start of our demanding Certified Legal... Read More