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The Social Media conversation we should be having - Part 1.
Posted on 4 Nov 2011 by Deborah McMurray

There is still a lot of hand-wringing about social media by law firm partners. A surprising number of firms still don't have approved policies - they are in permanent "draft" mode, perhaps because they don't really want to commit... Read More

Smart Marketing Can Make Your Practice More Profitable
Posted on 29 Sep 2011 by Tom Kane

Interesting buzz over on LinkedIn's Marketing the Law Firm group. Eric Dewey compiled "Ten Tips to Improve Profit in 90 Days or Less," and offered to send a copy to those who requested it. A bunch have. Not a lot of new stuff there,... Read More

Why your lawyer’s not a social media ninja
Posted on 25 May 2011 by Mark Smith

Let me start with a confession. It took me a while to "get" Twitter . The first time I tried it (which I think was 2008), I just used it to consume information. It wasn't great for a number of reasons - firstly, I didn't put a ... Read More

Social media for introverts - Guest post by Paul S. Grabowski
Posted on 12 Jul 2011 by Deborah McMurray

I have worked with Paul Grabowski, Esq. at two well known Texas law firms, Andrews Kurth and Porter Hedges , where he led the marketing departments. He just wrote this post for Thom Singer's blog (Thom Singer is also an Andrews Kurth marketing... Read More

Joining Organizations Is Only The Start In Getting Attention
Posted on 5 Oct 2011 by Tom Kane

I've always argued that joining organizations for the purpose of business development is a waste of time for most lawyers. Too many think that by simply joining associations will result in clients flowing to the firm. On the other hand, most lawyers... Read More

Are You Pressed To Find Time for Marketing?
Posted on 8 Jun 2011 by Tom Kane

A client mentioned to me this week that things are a little slow, so he has more time to think about marketing. Too bad! He should have been thinking about his next clients when he was busy. Yeah, I know, easier said than done. However, when you are... Read More

How to Write a Blog Post: content ideas for lawyers who blog.
Posted on 19 Jul 2010 by Jayne Navarre

Setting up a blog is easy. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, it will probably be the last easy thing you do in your life as a lawyer who blogs. The rest of your life as a lawyer who blogs will revolve around an empty white box... Read More

Measuring the value of social media in driving traffic to your law firm website
Posted on 14 Dec 2010 by Deborah McMurray

It's mid-December and much of the country is buried in a cold snap. It's also the time of year where we all seek frenetic joy in the holiday shopping, eating, drinking, socializing Spirit. And, it's also budget season - still - for many law... Read More

LinkedIn Tips: Build a Twitter list using your LinkedIn Connections
Posted on 1 Jul 2010 by Jayne Navarre

I want social networking online to give me greater reach, not add to my workload. I'm always searching for ways to cut down on the amount of time I spend keeping in touch with my valuable online social networks. One way I've found to double up... Read More

Navigating The Social Web | A Very Large Marketplace
Posted on 3 Jan 2011 by Jayne Navarre

Conversations in the Marketplace In the purest sense the social Web is a very large marketplace populated by people who come and go for the purpose of engaging in conversations about things they do, make, think about, and care about, and of course... Read More

Content and Community | What I’m doing with social media in 2011
Posted on 5 Jan 2011 by Jayne Navarre

Looking back - Looking forward. Social media and social networking platforms open up doors to new relationships and often work well as tools for marketing - broad distribution, top of mind impact, and exposure for expertise. However, looking back... Read More

Managing Social Media in Your Law Firm | The Next Big Thing
Posted on 14 Dec 2010 by Jayne Navarre

We've come a long way, baby! Three years ago, when I founded my company Law Gravity , I talked to a lot of law firms about their "plans" for using social media. Their response: "What plans?" There were firms that had a blog... Read More