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How to find an extra 1,000 hours a year
Posted on 6 Sep 2011 by Mark Smith

I have a confession to make. I'm an information junkie. All my life I've been a voracious consumer of books, magazines and newspapers. From burying my nose in novels as a child, through reading 3-4 books a week when commuting as a lawyer... Read More

Facebook for Lawyers: Don’t overlook the efficiency and power of a network on Facebook
Posted on 8 Jun 2011 by Jayne Navarre

The other day, I added a "new" Friend to my Facebook network, someone I see maybe once a year at a professional gathering. I thought: This is great. Can it get any easier to stay in touch and up to speed on what's going on in her life... Read More

Clients Still Hire Lawyers Not Law Firms, So Get Off Your Duff!
Posted on 8 Jul 2011 by Tom Kane

Over the years I have met many a lawyer who wasn't into marketing or sales. The reason: the firm will do it. Well, the firm can't do it. Individual lawyers must, because clients continue to hire lawyers, not law firms. In a recent article... Read More

The Elevator Speech Updated | Small Message, Big Impact
Posted on 1 Jun 2011 by Jayne Navarre

Terri L. Sjodin is a speech geek. Her experience on her speech and debate teams in high school and college laid the groundwork for her 2011 book, "Small Message, Big Impact : How to put the power of the elevator speech effect to work for you."... Read More

Marketing Tip: Avoid Malpractice Claims
Posted on 13 Jul 2011 by Tom Kane

Now there is a brilliant title, right? Obviously, any client who sues for malpractice (or even files a grievance with the state bar), is probably not going to hire you again. Not to mention how many people they will bad mouth you to. Okay, so that... Read More

Don't Fire Your Receptionist...
Posted on 11 May 2011 by Tom Kane

Fire the person who hired him or her. Over the years, I've told a few horror stories involving receptionists. Two that immediately come to mind, include: the cigarette dangling, shoeless one , and the one that told the caller to get lost . ... Read More

Law Firm Staff: Overlooked Marketers
Posted on 8 Jun 2011 by Tom Kane

Most employees of law firms are in a great position to help in the firm's business development efforts - or help damage them. A lot of that depends on how they are treated, how much that love or hate their job, and are otherwise engaged in the... Read More

Aloof and clueless
Posted on 25 May 2011 by Norman Clark

The Economist's "Johnson" blog had an entertaining, and all too true, post several days ago: " Airlinese ." It pokes fun at the awkward butchering of the English language on commercial airlines. To some extent, I think that... Read More

Law Firm Management Ideas | The Benevolent Dictator
Posted on 23 Aug 2011 by Jayne Navarre

Listening to a law firm administrator explain how he handles internally sensitive issues at his law firm over a business dinner one evening, I remarked, "You're a benevolent dictator! Sounds like it's working for you! Management by consensus... Read More

The challenges of change in managing lawyer careers
Posted on 23 Nov 2011 by Norman Clark

Our firm is currently advising several law firms about improvements to their career management policies and procedures. In some legal markets this has become a very important strategic issue - not just one of internal human resources management. In... Read More

Just Being Social | by Jay Strother for Legal Management
Posted on 4 May 2011 by Jayne Navarre

If you're looking for the latest "buzz" about social media ethics and professional responsibility for lawyers (and their employees), I highly recommend Jay Strother's article, Just Being Social , published in the March/April edition... Read More