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Should Your Law Firm Have a Formal Training Process for Social Media Engagement?
Posted on 15 Sep 2011 by Jayne Navarre

In a nonscientific reader poll conducted for SmartBrief on Social Media , leading marketers (of all types) were asked: Does your company have a formal training process for employees before they're allowed to blog, tweet or post other social... Read More

Law Firm Succession Planning
Posted on 11 Feb 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

What best practices in the accounting profession can teach small law firms about "passing the torch" A recent article in the Journal of Accountancy offers timely succession planning insights for certified public accountants, which are equally... Read More

Reducing Liability Exposure
Posted on 27 Jan 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

How the right software and management processes can help you avoid clerical errors and keep malpractice problems at bay A review of the 9,221 LAWPRO-listed claims made between 1999 and 2004, covering all practice areas, shows that only 10% of these... Read More

Training Tips to Maximize Your Software Investment
Posted on 27 Jan 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

How to leverage formal vendor training to optimize your firm's software investment and minimize your time and costs Finding the right practice management software is just part of the challenge for a small law firm. The next step is mastering it... Read More

Suddenly Solo Law Firms
Posted on 27 Jan 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

How to start, run, and grow a successful business when-by choice or chance-you're going it alone For some attorneys, being a solo practioner is an ambition they've been lucky enough to act on. For others, it can be an unexpected reality brought... Read More

Going Paperless
Posted on 10 Feb 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

Many law firms are making plans to go paperless, and many more are expressing interest in the concept. But not many of these companies are considering how they'll move all those e-papers from person to person-with accountability and without impacting... Read More

Law Firm Business Continuity and Contingency Planning
Posted on 9 Feb 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

Establishing contingency plans to maintain daily access to your critical information and ensure that your business functions are available to customers, no matter what, lays a solid foundation and prepares your firm for any disaster, natural or manmade... Read More

Optimize Your Small, Specialized Law Firm
Posted on 23 Apr 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

A few simple rules that you probably didn't learn in law school can take the hassles out of your day-to-day practice management tasks for a better business outcome Most law schools will teach you how to be an attorney-but not how to build a viable... Read More

Selecting a Practice Management System
Posted on 27 Jan 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

Determine the functions that you need and then find a solution that fits your requirements and empowers everyone in your firm to work more productively "Where did the time go?" "Where did that file go?" "Is my contact... Read More

Increasing Collection Rates
Posted on 12 Feb 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

Good billing practices can help you get paid for the work you've done and improve your client relationships in the process One common experience for small and mid-sized law firms is the growing amount of receivables. Usually, there are two reasons... Read More

Minnesota Law Firm Uses Martindale-Hubbell® Pay-Per-Click Program to Land New Clients Weekly
Posted on 26 Jan 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

Sugar Creek Legal Services is a small Chaska, Minn., law firm headed by Richard Haefele practicing in the areas of family law, bankruptcy, real estate, construction and estate planning. Haefele is in his fourth decade as an attorney in the Chaska area... Read More

Country Lawyer Develops Business Based on His Reputation and the Reputation of PCLaw™ Billing and Accounting Software
Posted on 26 Jan 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

The Davenport Firm is located in Alexandria, Louisiana, and is a solo shop with three full-time staff members. Its founder, Thomas (Tommy) D. Davenport, Jr., clerked for a federal judge in Baton Rouge directly after law school and then worked for a small... Read More

Legal Consultant Helps Client Firms Recover
Posted on 12 May 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

Whether he's representing plaintiffs in a medical malpractice case or trying to save a young man from a murder-one conviction, attorney Mike Rogers organizes and understands the facts of the case faster and more insightfully than he ever thought possible... Read More

Lexis® Document Profiling Smooths Law Firm’s DMS Conversion, Helps Minimize Downtime and Reduces Number of Hard-to-Find Documents by Two Thirds
Posted on 26 Jan 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

At Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP, technology leaders were managing much more than the usual amount of change. Within a few months, Taft would be merging with two other law firms. To support Taft's overall growth strategy, the firm was planning... Read More

Centralized Data and Network Management Provides Bryan Cave LLP Strong Business Continuity and 50% Faster Site Launches
Posted on 26 Jan 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

Bryan Cave LLP fosters a culture of collaboration. With more than 870 attorneys around the world, the firm is organized into client service groups and industry practice teams that offer legal counsel in diverse areas of interest to business and entrepreneurial... Read More