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3 Reasons For Legal Marketers to Start Thinking Like Journalists
Posted on 14 Apr 2010 by Kara Smith

As a professional marketing legal services, there is a need for you to distinguish your services. Obviously, all information is not created equal, and it is more important now than ever for you to reach out to your audience as a viable information source... Read More

Yes, Successful Rainmakers Can Be Made
Posted on 16 Apr 2010 by Tom Kane

Some would argue that Rainmakers are born that way, and those that aren't can't. It is conceded that developing business does not come easily for a lot of folks, but the skills can be taught, at least to most lawyers. Ed Poll's article... Read More

Most in-house counsel neither manage nor lead others – they do work
Posted on 9 Mar 2010 by Rees W. Morrison

Upwards of 80 percent of all US law departments have fewer than 10 lawyers. Even at the top of the range, assuming at least four or five direct reports to the general counsel, none of the other lawyers manage more than one or two lawyers and maybe they... Read More

Stop the pain
Posted on 5 Mar 2010 by Norman Clark

The third characteristic of successful quality assurance programs in law firms is that they focus on the greatest risks and attack the biggest quality problems. A practical approach is best. The best quality assurance methods do not seek to perfect... Read More

The Social Web Revolution and Law Firm Marketing Professionals
Posted on 23 Mar 2010 by Jayne Navarre

While no longer a novelty to Tweet a conference in social media circles, (see #SWSX), for the legal industry it is ground breaking. Just a short year ago we only had a handful of people experimenting with the tools during the Legal Marketing Association's... Read More

A Very Simple Twitter Formula for Generating Legal Marketing Business
Posted on 20 Apr 2010 by Kara Smith

Twitter is the leading traffic generator for THE KARASMA MEDIA MARKETING BLOG. One of the best helps I found when I first started using this tool came from Angela Maiers , educator, author, blogger who leads Maier Educational Services. Angela developed... Read More

Risk collars: A great way to start offering alternative billing
Posted on 3 Mar 2010 by Jim Hassett

Whenever I give speeches about alternative fees, lawyers who are just starting to consider this approach are fascinated by the idea of risk collars. These arrangements are essentially the same as hourly billing, with one giant exception: risk collars... Read More

Too Busy For Marketing? Tap Into Your Social Web Communities
Posted on 28 Apr 2010 by Jayne Navarre

Who has time for business development when you're really busy with client work? Since the beginning of 2010 I've been struggling to balance the time I devote to taking care of my clients-who deserve 100 percent of my attention-and the time I can... Read More

Are Your Web Site Images Effective?
Posted on 23 Jul 2010 by Tom Kane

Marketing professionals have for years gotten a pretty good laugh over the too often used pictures lawyers have on their web sites (and brochures). That is, courthouses, gavels, scales of justice, law books, etc . Can't remember if I've mentioned... Read More

Law Firms Who Do Live Events (Cadwalader’s Anti-Corruption Regime Breakfast)
Posted on 22 Mar 2010 by Mike Mintz

In a Web 2.0 world you can find scores of webinars, whitepapers, ebooks, blogs, and podcasts on just about everything the law has to offer. This is not to say that content such as this has no value. In fact, the prolific nature of firms today is changing... Read More

Implementation and Change
Posted on 18 Feb 2010 by Norman Clark

An all-too-common sight on the bookshelves of many law firm partners is the thick, dusty binder labeled "Strategic Plan." The partners, usually with the assistance of a consultant, developed an elegant, impressive, detailed strategic plan. They... Read More

Law departments can turn to a full-fledged graphics department at a law firm
Posted on 3 Mar 2010 by Rees W. Morrison

Weil, Gotshal & Manges has set up an ancillary function that is unusual. "One of the things that we have done is to create an in-house graphics group for trials and hearings. They do all the in-court graphics rather than our going outside and... Read More

Legal Project Management (Part 8): McDermott’s Deal Dashboard
Posted on 12 May 2010 by Jim Hassett

If you believe what's been written on the web lately, you'd think that the idea of applying project management principles to legal matters was brand new. In fact, however, some lawyers have been focused on these ideas for years, developing new... Read More

Legal Marketers Can Step Out of the Box With Video
Posted on 3 Mar 2010 by Kara Smith

My assistant, Lori, sent me a very funny link to a law firm's commercial on YouTube. (You've got to love when you find people to work with whose personalities and quirky sense of humor is in-synch with your own!) One aspect of marketing I work... Read More

The Five Principles to Increase Employee Engagement, and How Well They Apply to In-House Attorneys
Posted on 23 Feb 2010 by Rees W. Morrison

If it's in the HBR, it must be true. So here are the five from the Harv. Bus. Rev., March 2010 at 24: "Keep people informed, listen, set clear objectives, match the person with the job, and create meaningful work." How applicable are these... Read More