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The challenges of change in managing lawyer careers
Posted on 23 Nov 2011 by Norman Clark

Our firm is currently advising several law firms about improvements to their career management policies and procedures. In some legal markets this has become a very important strategic issue - not just one of internal human resources management. In... Read More

Implementation and Change
Posted on 18 Feb 2010 by Norman Clark

An all-too-common sight on the bookshelves of many law firm partners is the thick, dusty binder labeled "Strategic Plan." The partners, usually with the assistance of a consultant, developed an elegant, impressive, detailed strategic plan. They... Read More

Inspiration for the New Year | Bringing great projects to life
Posted on 17 Jan 2012 by Jayne Navarre

There are two fatal errors that keep great projects from coming to life: Not finishing Not starting -Buddha A DEEP BREATH OF LIFE Early last year I took a yoga class at Florida Keys Community College. While I was far from a good student... Read More

A Radical Future For The Legal Industry?
Posted on 14 May 2010 by Martindale-Hubbell Connected

Rory Webber, Martindale-Hubbell Connected's Marketing & Community Development Manager interviews legal journalist and MH Connected member, Richard Parnham. In today's difficult economy, many law firms are focusing on how to survive over... Read More