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Aloof and clueless
Posted on 25 May 2011 by Norman Clark

The Economist's "Johnson" blog had an entertaining, and all too true, post several days ago: " Airlinese ." It pokes fun at the awkward butchering of the English language on commercial airlines. To some extent, I think that... Read More

Are you at risk of losing a client? 10 diagnostic questions
Posted on 11 May 2011 by Norman Clark

As my colleagues and I interview the clients of law firms, we hear a consistent set of complaints about the service that they receive from law firms. Here is a short checklist to help law firms consider whether they have the basic management structures... Read More

Good surprises
Posted on 1 Jun 2011 by Norman Clark

Are you better than you think you are? One of the most unpleasant surprises in the practice of law is to learn that a client is dissatisfied with something that you believed that you did quite well. Bad news like this is unwelcome, but it can be... Read More

Client interviews: do-it-yourself or get outside help?
Posted on 4 May 2011 by Norman Clark

I participated earlier today in a discussion group on LinkedIn about client surveys. This posting provides a few additional comments and observations that would have made my comment on LinkedIn too long. The question concerned whether a law firm... Read More

When it comes to Marketing, Sometimes Less is More
Posted on 20 Jul 2011 by Tom Kane

Consultants (as well as lawyers) can be a touch wordy sometimes. Especially when trying to sell their services to prospective clients. Often we think that it's necessary to cover the waterfront in terms of explaining who we are, what we do (or... Read More

Client Feedback Pointers
Posted on 11 May 2011 by Tom Kane

Seeking client feedback is not only important for every law firm, but it needs to be done right. Following a recent post of mine on the topic, my friend Stacy West Clark raised some issues that got me to thinking about the Who, What, When, Why's... Read More

"Never, never let others define you. You define yourself."
Posted on 11 Aug 2010 by Deborah McMurray

Emmitt Smith said that in his August 7, 2010 Football Hall of Fame induction speech. You can read the speech here . I don't love football, but I do like the Dallas Cowboys - most seasons. I typically wouldn't hunt for legal marketing/management... Read More

Does a small general practice law firm have a future in a small market?
Posted on 26 Aug 2010 by Norman Clark

A partner from a law firm in a small legal market (under 500,000 people) in the United States asked me this question a few days ago. The answer is really one of definition. While the term "general practice" is relatively benign, claiming... Read More

Basic Networking Tips
Posted on 13 Aug 2010 by Tom Kane

Do you feel uncomfortable networking? Maybe better questions include: Do you enjoy helping friends and acquaintances? Are you a good listener? Do you like to party?? Then, you may be better at networking than you think. So, maybe it is the word "networking"... Read More

How To Improve Your Client Service
Posted on 11 Aug 2010 by Tom Kane

Most law firms would say, if asked, that they provide excellent client service, or at least very good service. Unfortunately, this self-assessment is not based on fact in most cases. As my friend Stacy West Clark reports, when clients were asked how their... Read More

Client Service As a Business Development Strategy
Posted on 5 Apr 2010 by Harry Keshet

Doing Good & Building Your Practice Big Time Creating and fostering excellent relationships is the key to becoming a rainmaker. Providing existing clients with extraordinary service is every attorney's and law firms' ticket for prosperity... Read More

Planning for “The Third Depression”
Posted on 28 Jun 2010 by Norman Clark

Nobel Prize laureate Paul Krugman has a very important column in today's New York Times . His title "The Third Depression," along with the thoughtful analysis that he presents, communicate a clear warning to law firms that depend heavily... Read More

The top ten ways for lawyers to increase client satisfaction
Posted on 26 Jul 2010 by Jim Hassett

In the current economy, other lawyers will be coming after your clients. Every lawyer would therefore be well advised to increase client satisfaction and protect the relationships that ultimately pay your salary, bonus, and rent. You can't make clients... Read More