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Optimize Your Small, Specialized Law Firm
Posted on 23 Apr 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

A few simple rules that you probably didn't learn in law school can take the hassles out of your day-to-day practice management tasks for a better business outcome Most law schools will teach you how to be an attorney-but not how to build a viable... Read More

Case study of a law firm failure… and its aftermath
Posted on 27 Jul 2010 by Norman Clark

The final demise of the British firm Halliwells, reported last week in the on-line edition of The Lawyer , is a good case study in the financial failure of a law firm. The Lawyer summarized the factors that led to Halliwells' failure earlier this... Read More

Potential of Integrating Lateral Non-equity Partners
Posted on 27 Jan 2010 by Kris Satkunas

It is no secret that the integration of lateral talent into a law firm often results in a bumpy ride for the firm and the lateral lawyer coming aboard. A study by The Redwood Think Tank emphasizes the profitability gains that can be realized from taking... Read More

Client Service As a Business Development Strategy
Posted on 5 Apr 2010 by Harry Keshet

Doing Good & Building Your Practice Big Time Creating and fostering excellent relationships is the key to becoming a rainmaker. Providing existing clients with extraordinary service is every attorney's and law firms' ticket for prosperity... Read More

Leverage: The Secret to Increased Profitability
Posted on 24 Apr 2010 by Kris Satkunas

As most legal professionals have discovered, many of the cultural distinctions that have long separated law firms from the business world, when examined more closely, have turned out to be based upon myth rather than the realities of practicing law. One... Read More

Will the Future Associate be a Contract Employee?
Posted on 14 May 2010 by Building a Better Legal Profession

The future of the legal profession is full of uncertainty. Will the old habits return as they did after previous recessions, or will these changes be permanent? No one knows for sure, but there are some possibilities and trends to take notice of. Cost... Read More

A Radical Future For The Legal Industry?
Posted on 14 May 2010 by Martindale-Hubbell Connected

Rory Webber, Martindale-Hubbell Connected's Marketing & Community Development Manager interviews legal journalist and MH Connected member, Richard Parnham. In today's difficult economy, many law firms are focusing on how to survive over... Read More

The top ten ways for lawyers to increase client satisfaction
Posted on 26 Jul 2010 by Jim Hassett

In the current economy, other lawyers will be coming after your clients. Every lawyer would therefore be well advised to increase client satisfaction and protect the relationships that ultimately pay your salary, bonus, and rent. You can't make clients... Read More

Client “Deciles” Help Focus Strategy
Posted on 23 Mar 2010 by Ron Paquette

Research conducted by the Redwood Think Tank confirms what many business consultants tell law firm managers — that they should be judicious in devoting resources to small clients. Data indicates that small clients rarely grow into large clients... Read More

Client Size and Profitability: Do They Go Hand in Hand?
Posted on 23 Mar 2010 by Kris Satkunas

Concentrate on your key clients – a familiar mantra to many a law firm manager looking to boost the bottom line. But which clients should a firm designate as key? Where do you draw the line? Firms derive the vast majority of their work from their... Read More

7 Mistakes PI (and Other) Lawyers Make When Marketing
Posted on 26 Jul 2010 by Tom Kane

A lot of mistakes made by lawyers when it comes to marketing and business development are pretty simple, and simple to overcome. They just must be recognized and dealt with. A reader sent along an email, which led me to an article by Kenneth Hardison... Read More

International Marketing Management
Posted on 27 Jan 2010 by LexisNexis Legal Business Community Staff

The impact of economic globalization can be seen everywhere in the United States. Virtually all states have subsidiaries of foreign companies and manufacturing plants. More and more American companies, including small to medium sized ones, engage in overseas... Read More

Strategic Planning and Marketing
Posted on 27 Jan 2010 by LexisNexis Legal Business Community Staff

Marketing should be part of any firm's strategic plan. But this can be effective only if the marketing plan includes the situational analysis and goal-setting process described in the previous section, and if the firm has a clear understanding of... Read More

CRM Solution Creates Business Development Opportunity
Posted on 3 Mar 2010 by Paul S. Grabowski

Porter & Hedges is one of the last re­maining mid-sized firms in Houston with 100 attorneys that regularly vies for busi­ness with much larger multi-office firms. To level the playing field as smoothly as possible, the firm embarked on a plan... Read More

Firms Can Control Whether Clients Stay or Go
Posted on 2 Feb 2010 by Kris Satkunas

While the managers of professional services firms often view market pressures as the driving force that determines whether clients remain loyal or choose to shop elsewhere for added services, a study by the Redwood Think Tank indicates that firms have... Read More