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My Technology Wish List
Posted on 11 Jul 2011 by Scott P. Kadish

By Scott Kadish Technology has revolutionized our practice. Faxes used to be the greatest thing ever, and we have moved way past faxes in the last 10 years. Technology will continue to evolve. My wish list: 1. Phones as we know them are... Read More

While timesheets rule but chargeable hours suck
Posted on 16 Jun 2011 by Mark Smith

There was something deliciously ironic about me trying some new time recording software this week. It's many years after I left life as a private practice lawyer but I can still remember that huge sense of freedom at escaping the tyranny of the... Read More

In The line of Fire: Executive Pay in 2010
Posted on 24 May 2011 by LexisNexis Legal Business Community Staff

Join our panel of experts for a complimentary breakfast briefing and discussion of the findings from The Wall Street Journal/ Hay Group 2010 CEO compensation study. As companies faced unprecedented pressure to rein in executive pay, how did... Read More

The Emergence of Knowledge Analysis: Change and Knowledge Management in Large Law Firms
Posted on 27 May 2011 by LexisNexis Legal Business Community Staff

When: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 1:00 PM EDT Where: Webinar Presented by: The National Law Journal | Legal Times | LexisNexis ® Topics to be discussed include: The importance of traditional KM at Squire to service clients As... Read More

Market leaders lead the market
Posted on 30 Nov 2011 by Norman Clark

When a group of law firm partners discusses significant changes in their respective firms, one of them will almost certainly say: "But no other firm in our market does this..." We have three responses that we ask our clients to consider... Read More

Leadership: actions and words
Posted on 7 Nov 2011 by Norman Clark

In September and October 2011, our firm conducted a worldwide survey about law firm leadership, as part of our ongoing support of the Law Firm Management Committee of the International Bar Association . 374 lawyers participated, more than half of whom... Read More

Lawyers – Just. Do. Something.
Posted on 31 Aug 2011 by Mark Smith

It seems like there was some sort of psychic alignment in the UK legal blogging community last week. As the news came rolling in on changes facing the UK market (Neil Rose's site Legal Futures is often a good place to start), the Entrepreneur... Read More

Project Management Lessons From the TEPCO Tsunami Mess
Posted on 1 Jun 2011 by Steven B. Levy

The Associated Press now has a copy of the tsunami plan for the TEPCO Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex. It's two pages long and ten years old. (The AP calls it one page, but it's a double-size page.) There's some discussion of... Read More

Year-end countdown: individual business plans
Posted on 14 Oct 2011 by Norman Clark

Do partners in your firm have individual business plans? My colleagues and I have observed that in some law firms the combined strength of the individual business plans of each partner can be more important that the overall quality of the firm's... Read More

How not to network
Posted on 22 Jun 2011 by Norman Clark

I returned from a working vacation (mostly working) to find a discussion thread on one of the social networks started by a lawyer looking to build a network with lawyers in other countries. It is not surprising that a lot of hands, mostly from solo... Read More

MS. found in a law firm
Posted on 11 May 2011 by Norman Clark

There is a good article in the 7 May 2011 issue of The Economist, "A Less Gilded Future." Although I do not agree with a few minor points, it describes how easily a well-established law firm (in this case, the U.S. firm of Howrey, LLP) can... Read More

A textbook example of international expansion
Posted on 30 Jun 2011 by Norman Clark

Allen & Overy's opening of its new office in Washington, D.C., announced today at demonstrates the smart way to plan and execute an international expansion strategy: Go only where you need to go, but go there with the best. ... Read More

Getting beyond the myth of the rainmaker
Posted on 20 Sep 2011 by Norman Clark

Too many lawyers believe that only "natural rainmakers" can win new clients. This is possibly one of the biggest factors in poor marketing and business development in law firms. Not believing that they can be good at marketing, many lawyers... Read More

Good surprises
Posted on 1 Jun 2011 by Norman Clark

Are you better than you think you are? One of the most unpleasant surprises in the practice of law is to learn that a client is dissatisfied with something that you believed that you did quite well. Bad news like this is unwelcome, but it can be... Read More

Client interviews: do-it-yourself or get outside help?
Posted on 4 May 2011 by Norman Clark

I participated earlier today in a discussion group on LinkedIn about client surveys. This posting provides a few additional comments and observations that would have made my comment on LinkedIn too long. The question concerned whether a law firm... Read More