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Are Your Web Site Images Effective?
Posted on 23 Jul 2010 by Tom Kane

Marketing professionals have for years gotten a pretty good laugh over the too often used pictures lawyers have on their web sites (and brochures). That is, courthouses, gavels, scales of justice, law books, etc . Can't remember if I've mentioned... Read More

5 Business Development Tips For These Economic Times
Posted on 3 Aug 2010 by Tom Kane

It certainly is no secret that the buyers of legal services are closely scrutinizing the costs associated with outside law firms, especially during this economic downturn. There are two things that some firms recognize in that climate: first, there is... Read More

A High-yield, but Overlooked, Marketing Tool
Posted on 25 Feb 2010 by Norman Clark

As I was reading the weekly feed of law firm press releases from Latin Counsel this morning, I recalled how few law firms bother with this time-honored, but largely overlooked marketing tool. A press release is an excellent low-cost way to improve... Read More

The keys to new business in a changing economy (Part 2 of 2)
Posted on 26 Feb 2010 by Jim Hassett

Whether you choose to focus on current clients and referral sources or to spend your time looking for new ones, the marketing tactic that is most critical in this changing economy is increasing the value you provide. This need is hardly limited to the... Read More

What every lawyer needs to know about project management, Part 2 of 5
Posted on 1 Apr 2010 by Jim Hassett

Is it possible to control the costs of legal matters? While some lawyers have been working on a fixed price basis for years, others still believe that fixed fees simply cannot be applied to complex legal matters. The cost of defending a suit may be... Read More

Law Firm Branding: Hocus Pocus or Results?
Posted on 12 May 2010 by Jayne Navarre

Baker McKenzie beat Skadden in gross revenues in the 2010 AmLaw 200 list taking over the top spot for the first time since 1994. That's a big deal, I guess. Ben Hallman writes in " Behind the Numbers : A Change at the Top", ( The American... Read More

Fear of Facebook Part III: Fan Pages for Law Firms?
Posted on 7 Apr 2010 by Jayne Navarre

"There's a lot of business done in country clubs, but you'll never see a company open a booth in the club's dining room. Instead, individual business people network quietly there, blending into the scene and using the social atmosphere... Read More

10 Cheap But Effective Marketing Tips For Today's Realities
Posted on 12 May 2010 by Tom Kane

Earlier this year there was an article by Jessica Sharp published in The Legal Intelligencer , and republished this week on's Small Firm Business . Since the "10 Tips for Lower-Cost Law Firm Marketing" don't get old with age... Read More

The keys to new business in a changing economy (Part 1 of 2)
Posted on 25 Feb 2010 by Jim Hassett

When the economy changes, lawyers must change too. New client demands and new levels of competition are requiring lawyers to rethink the way they develop business. When I wrote the book Legal Business Development: A Step by Step Guide a few years ago... Read More