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Are You Choosing to Lead?



In recent months, I have given a lot of thought to the idea of being a leader. One of my favorite talks by Dave Meslin touches on this subject beautifully. He argues that society has conditioned us to believe that we must be designated or appointed a leader before we step into the leadership role. This conditioning, he says, is misleading. Leaders are not chosen; leaders make a choice. Leaders choose to lead. Your efforts do not have to be heroic. Rather, to lead, you must put one foot in front of the other. You must take action within the context of your every day life. Are you choosing to lead? Keep reading for my take on leadership from my new book, Thrive.                         

This Week: Choose To Lead


An excerpt from Thrive: A New Lawyer's Guide To Law Firm Practice:

"Many people in my position (seven years in a law firm) could write a book about the new lawyer experience.  Most people in my position have the expertise, anyway.  But I am the one who chose to write it.  I am the one who chose to lead.  And this is the final piece of advice I would like to share with you. 

Anyone can be a superstar associate.  In fewer than 200 pages, you now know how.  But not everyone will choose to be.  And this is where your opportunity lies.  By choosing to be the best lawyer you can be every day, by taking an affirmative, proactive approach to your career, by going above and beyond, by taking action to make sure you matter from day one, you will be a top associate in your law firm, and a leader in your practice area down the line, without question.  And if you do - if you choose to lead - I can say with confidence that our paths will cross.  And I look forward to it . . . ."

Desiree Moore is the President and founder of Greenhorn Legal, LLC. Greenhorn Legal offers intensive practical skills training programs for law students and new lawyers as they transition from law school into their legal practices.  Ms. Moore is also an adjunct professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law and was an associate at the law firm of K&L Gates. She can be found on Twitter at @greenhornlegal.