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So You Want to Practice IP Law?

Interested in practicing in the IP area? Here’s what you have to look forward to…
Typical Tasks Performed by Trademark and Copyright Attorneys
·        Register and renew copyrights and file other documents with the Copyright Office in Washington, D.C.
·        Protect their clients copyright by suing those who have infringed or unlawfully used the protected copyright.
·        Defend their clients accused of infringing other people’s copyrights.
·        Advise their clients on such matters as assigning and licensing their copyright and recording their copyright transfers.
Typical Tasks Performed by Patent Attorneys
·        Respond to office actions.
·        Draft, file, send new patent applications (patent prosecution).
·        Litigate patent infringement cases.
·        Perform Prior Art searches.
·        Litigate appeals and reexaminations.
·        Res judicata – estoppel.