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Insurance 101 ─ Insights for Young Lawyers - Assessing Coverage Issues under Additional Insured Endorsements

In his article appearing in the November/December 2009 issue of Coverage, “Insurance 101 ─ Insights for Young Lawyers: Assessing Coverage Issues under Additional Insured Endorsements,” Seth Friedman observes that while additional insured endorsements can benefit both policyholders and insurers, their application often leads to disputes. The article discusses some of the main issues that arise in such disputes. It provides practical tips for analyzing additional insured endorsements as well as the related issues of the meaning of “arising out of” the additional insured’s work or ongoing operations, the nature of the liability for which the additional insured is seeking coverage, primary and excess coverage for additional insureds, certificates of insurance, defense of additional insureds, and notice by an additional insured to the named insured’s insurer. The article further provides analyses of the different interpretations the courts have given to additional insured endorsements.      

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