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3 Easy Steps to Expert Witness Research on Lexis Advance!

Lexis Advance™ provides a wealth of information on expert witnesses! 

1)     Simply use your pre-search filters under “Content Types” and select “Expert Witness Analysis.” 

2)     Then enter your expert’s name in the red search box and search!


3)     Use your “Post Search Filters” to narrow by jurisdiction, keyword, date and more! 

Also – be sure to check out the “Expert Witness” tab after running the search!  This tab includes all of the CVs, testimony and reports for the expert you are researching. You can easily “filter” by the type of content, the source, attorneys and law firms. Other very helpful results can be found under the tabs for Cases, Briefs and Pleadings, Verdicts, Dockets, and News.

Remember, when using the Lexis Advance service for your research you are searching a vast number of sources. And, there is no cost incurred for the search. You are able to spend time cost-effectively finding the results that best meet your needs.

Want more information about Lexis Advance?  Contact your LexisNexis Representative today!  Happy Researching!