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Lessons in Mentoring and Sponsorship
Posted on 16 Apr 2011 by Mary Kate Sheridan

So you've received all kinds of career advice and support from your mentor, but you're still not reaching the top? According to Catalyst -a nonprofit organization focusing on women in the workplace-the missing link to your career success may be... Read More

Mistakes to Avoid in Seeking a Mentor
Posted on 23 Oct 2010 by Keith Lee, Esq.

It's tough to go it alone. Navigating the business and legal world as a young lawyer can be difficult. There's a reason firms have an established associate -> junior partner -> partner system. Having a system in place that helps develop... Read More

Why You Need a Sponsor More than a Mentor
Posted on 25 Jun 2012 by Alison Monahan

What support do young lawyers need to succeed? Conventional wisdom says you're good to go if you find a couple of experienced mentors and do what they tell you to do. The modern viewpoint, however, is a bit different. Now just having good mentors... Read More