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Gulf Coast Claims Facility Now Processing Oil Spill Claims

DUBLIN, Ohio -- Gulf Coast Claims Facility Administrator Kenneth R. Feinberg has announced that the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) is fully functioning and will begin to process claims for emergency payment. All individual and business claims and supporting documentation have been transferred from BP to the GCCF, which is an independent facility run by Feinberg.

The GCCF was established in June as part of an agreement between the Obama Administration and BP to assist claimants in filing claims for costs and damages incurred as a result of the oil spill stemming from the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion of April 20, 2010. Claims previously filed with the BP Claims Process have been transitioned to the new GCCF Claims Facility for review, evaluation and determination; however, claimants will be required to file new forms with the GCCF to receive payments.

Feinberg has participated in dozens of town hall meetings throughout the Gulf region since the announcement of the fund and is working closely with state and local government to craft a claims process that benefits all those affected by the crisis.

"I want to make sure the people in the Gulf understand we will not let you go out of business or lose your home. The number one priority of the GCCF is to assist the people in the Gulf," said Feinberg. "Now that the claim centers are open and ready for business, the goal will be to get the emergency six month payment checks out the door, within 48 hours for individuals, after receipt of the claim form and sufficient supporting documentation and no more than seven days for businesses, after receipt of claim form and supporting documentation, and help people on the path to rebuilding their lives."

There are several ways to contact the GCCF:


By Phone: Toll free at 1.800.916.4893

TTY: 1.866.682.1758

By Mail: Call the toll-free number to receive a claim form and mail to:

Gulf Coast Claims Facility
P.O. Box 9658
Dublin OH 43017-4958

By Fax: Complete the claim form and fax it to 1.866.682.1772

At a Claim Site Office: Offices are located in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. The website has a complete list.

Free services provided to claimants who need it will include deaf/hearing impaired and language interpretation (Spanish, Vietnamese & Khmer), and pro bono legal services will be made available if requested.