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6 New Arkfeld Electronic Discovery Publications Now Available On

Six new Arkfeld Electronic Discovery publications are now available on

Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence new 2nd edition provides detailed coverage on the latest case law, amended federal rules with case analysis, and procedural developments concerning electronic evidence. This edition covers all of the new cases and issues facing the issues of discovering, producing and admitting "electronically stored information" (ESI) in your cases. Besides the new extensive analysis of the amended federal rules, the new edition enlarges the discussion concerning search protocol and certification as well as the numerous federal directives requiring counsel to issue a "litigation hold" and proactively identify and preserve responsive ESI.

Arkfeld’s Best Practice Guide:  Information Technology Primer for Legal Professionals. This new publication provides a much needed primer for understanding the “information technology infrastructure” of organizations. Understanding the infrastructure and technology concepts will enable legal professionals to apply e-discovery legal mandates in order to request and produce “electronically stored information” (ESI). The primer includes important sections in identifying, locating, and managing ESI using computer technology.

Arkfeld’s Best Practices Guide for ESI Pretrial Discovery — Strategy and Tactics contains strategy and tactics for handling 16 specific ESI issues throughout pretrial discovery. These include scope of discovery, preservation obligation, controlling costs, search methodology, form of production, accessibility of ESI and cost allocation and much more. Whether it is a “meet and confer” or request for production these are the critical issues to focus on in requesting or producing ESI. It provides you with a valuable strategy and checklist for, and guidance on, the legal and technology issues affecting your pretrial e-discovery decisions.

Arkfeld’s Best Practices Guide for Litigation Readiness and Hold provides strategic guidance and recommendations to legal professionals in preparing for and implementing a “litigation hold.” This guide covers the components of a litigation readiness plan to ensure that your client can timely identify, preserve, collect, process and review electronic data for disclosure. Such a proactive approach will contribute to your success by properly identifying and preserving ESI once a triggering event occurs. In addition, an important section entitled Court Directives, Duties and Tasks, derived from case law, highlight the litigation hold obligations for disclosing parties.

Arkfeld’s Best Practices Guide for Electronic Discovery & Evidence provides a practical step-by-step guide on how to request or produce electronic data. It contains critical cross-references to the treatise where you can find more information on each topic. This 125-page guide also includes an appendix containing the amended e-discovery federal rules.

Arkfeld’s Judicial Bench Book — Electronic Discovery and Evidence is part of the Arkfeld's Publication Series on Electronic Discovery and Evidence. This Bench Book is designed to assist judges in actively managing cases involving electronically stored information (ESI). The myriad of issues for consideration in managing e-discovery includes cost allocation, appropriate search protocol, burden of disclosure, inadvertent disclosure, preservation and spoliation of ESI.

Michael R. Arkfeld, Esq. is a leading consultant, civil litigator, speaker, and author who is involved on a daily basis in the discovery and admission of electronic information.