Conduct More Efficient Research Using The Legal Issue Trail On Lexis Advance!

Have you ever found a key passage in a case discussing your research issue and wished you could just jump quickly to a list of other case opinions citing that passage?

If so, you should be using Legal Issue Trail, a newly patented technology found exclusively on Lexis Advance. Put simply, the Legal Issue Trail lists cases that cite to the opinion you are viewing on a particular issue - as well as cases your opinion has cited to on that issue - so you can understand how the issue has evolved over time in a very efficient way.

Here's how it works:

  1. From within a case, click on Activate Passages link under Legal Issue Trail in the "About this Document" right pane. This converts the opinion you're looking at into a series of boxed passages - one for each of the legal issues discussed in the opinion. These could be issues covered by a Headnote, or more broadly, any legal issue that the opinion discusses. (This gives Legal Issue Trail a decided advantage over the Shepardize® by Headnote feature on 
  2. Simply click on the box containing the issue that you would like to research further. This opens up the Legal Issue Trail tab, which lists: 1) the text of the passage you've selected at the top; 2) all of the cases that your opinion has cited on this issue - with their current Shepard's® status; and 3) all of the subsequent cases citing your opinion on that issue - with their current Shepard's® status.  

It's that easy! And there's no charge to use this new technology; only normal document access charges apply as you open cases on the list. So remember to try Legal Issue Trail the next time you are on Lexis Advance - and save precious time as you analyze the legal issues important to you in a much more efficient way.

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