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LexisNexis offers a combination of content, coverage, search functionality and high quality PDF delivery that is unequaled in the legal market for historical federal legislative and regulatory materials. The Federal Historical Documents Collection content, when used in combination with the broad spectrum of other historical content available on LexisNexis' services, provides a robust content offering to meet the needs of any researcher of legislative history.

The Federal Historical Documents Collection encompasses a breadth of legislative and regulatory sources to aid any researcher. This Collection includes the U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection, Congressional Hearings, the complete Congressional Record, the Federal Register Archives, and a newly annotated Code of Federal Regulations.

The U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection, spanning from 1789 to present, contains searchable full-text PDFs of committee reports related to bills and other matters, presidential communications to Congress, treaty materials, certain executive department publications, and other non-governmental publications. The collection is compiled under the direction of Congress and its depth of coverage is unparalleled.

The Congressional Record, spanning from 1789 to present, is the official record of the proceedings of the U.S. Congress, containing floor debates and speeches, notice of bills introduced, conference committee reports, etc., from both chambers. The Congressional Record has three predecessor publications: The Annals of Congress, The Register of Debates, and The Congressional Globe. All of these predecessor publications are now available on! This is critical content for anyone researching legislative history.

The Congressional Hearings collection is a vast archive of published hearings from 1824 forward. The published hearings are the official record of committee hearings proceedings. Hearings, which are usually open to the public, are held to enable committees to gather opinions and information to help Members make decisions regarding proposed legislation or to help them fulfill their oversight and investigation responsibilities. Official hearings publications, which are printed by the Government Printing Office, typically include:

  • Written and oral statements of witnesses
  • Transcripts of the verbal question-and-answer session between the committee and witnesses
  • Reports, exhibits, and other materials submitted for the record by witnesses
  • Correspondence and other materials submitted by interested parties

Most hearings are published from six months to a year after the hearing is held, but some hearings are published following a gap of two or more years, and some are never published. The timing of the publication, as well as the decision on whether or not to publish, depends solely on the individual committees.

The Federal Register is the daily journal of the U.S. Government chronicling rule making and legal notices issued by Federal agencies. We now have released the entire collection of Federal Register documents from 1 Fed. Reg. 1, published March 14, 1936, to present.

All Federal Register documents are full text searchable. Federal Register documents from 1936-1980 display and deliver in PDF format. Full text searching is available with short summaries and header information (E.g. Agency, Title, Citation, Date and Brief Summary) displayed on Federal Register documents from 1981-09/2009 are full text searchable and the full text displays on Recent Federal Register documents from 10/2009 forward contain both full text and the Certified by Superintendent of Documents PDF from the GPO. NOTE: The Federal Register is available in all national primary menu offerings. Accessing the PDF versions of the Federal Register may result in additional charges depending on the customer's subscriptions.

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is now an annotated with decisions from 1964 forward, containing both case notes and a research guide. There are currently hundreds of thousands of case notes that are based on the head notes written by our case law editors. The case notes cover case law from both federal courts and the highest state courts, totaling over 200 different courts. The new research guide has references to secondary source materials useful to practitioners in their legal research. NOTE: The annotated CFR is available in all national primary menu offerings.

The Legislative & Regulatory Research Tab on was built in direct response to customer feedback to place our customer's desired resources all on one page. From the USCS and state codes; to State Net bill text and tracking; to the Serial Set and Federal Historical documents; to legislative news; all the legislative and regulatory resources needed to complete your research.

LexisNexis' coverage of Federal historic legislative and regulatory spans more than 200 years! Here is a list of the collection:

  • Congressional Documents 1789-1969 (U.S. Serial Set)

• Congressional Documents 1970-present (U.S. Serial Set)

• Congressional Hearings (1824-1979)

• Congressional Hearings (1980-2003)

• Congressional Hearings (2004-2010)

• Congressional Hearings (2011-current)

• Annals of Congress (1789-1824)

• Register of Debates (1824-1839)

• Congressional Globe (1833-1873)

• Congressional Record Retro (1873-1997)

• Congressional Record, 1985-Current

• Federal Register (1936-present)

• Annotated Code of Federal Regulations

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