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Jury Verdicts Now Added To Verdict & Settlement Analyzer And Litigation Profile Suite

LexisNexis is excited to announce that the ALM Jury Verdicts are fully integrated into both Verdict & Settlement Analyzer and Litigation Profile Suite (Experts, Judges, Attorneys)! The ALM verdicts have been available on in the Mega Jury Verdicts & Settlements, and now they are searched automatically when you run a Verdict & Settlement Analyzer or Profile Suite report.

This means that the LexisNexis collection of jury verdicts (over 1 Million, or 73% more than West as of July 2012) is now powering both of these tools, yielding more powerful insights and giving litigators the information that they need to create better client outcomes! The ALM Jury Verdicts are available in both the and the recently released Lexis Advance version of Verdict & Settlement Analyzer. LexisNexis has over 170,000 ALM verdicts in its collection.

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