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When it comes to electronic publications, we know that you want to get "more than just the book." You want added value. As part of our continuing effort to deliver added value, LexisNexis® is working to incorporate active links from citation references in our eBooks to statutes, cases, treatises, and other materials at®! Many of our eBook titles have this capability, including Milgrim on Trade Secrets®, Modern Estate Planning, Appleman Law of Liability Insurance, Labor and Employment Law, and Patent Law Digest. As existing eBook titles have new releases, we'll incorporate this new feature. These enhancements are part of our focus to make the research process seamless so you have more options and faster access to supplemental materials.

Straightforward, easy to use

When you click a green link, you'll go to the sign-in screen, where you'll enter your ID and password as you would for any research session. (If you happen to be signed in already, you'll go directly to the cited document.) Also, as with any research session, you'll get a pop-up message if the link you clicked would take you to any material outside your subscription so you can avoid any unexpected research charges.

Greater flexibility

LexisNexis® eBooks offer more flexibility in accessing the information you need. Fill your virtual bookshelf with LexisNexis eBook publications that you can read without having to connect to the Internet. And you'll also have the option with more and more of our titles to link to LexisNexis online to access pertinent supplemental material.

See for yourself!

Download the Patent Law Digest sample eBook at

Happy e-Researching!!!