More Than 1,600 Elsevier Full-Text Journals Now Available On!

LexisNexis has recently added an additional 211 journals to the extensive Elsevier full-text journal collection available on bringing our collection to a massive 1640 titles. These highly respected journals are peer-reviewed and published by professional or academic societies throughout the world!

Elsevier content offers you a wide-spectrum of peer-reviewed sources that are often-needed in several practice areas:

  • Intellectual Property for prior art investigations
  • Litigation for trial preparation and expert witness research
  • Health and medical malpractice
  • Society journals
  • Many others

Where Can I find these titles?

The files are available in a variety of group sources as well as individually at:

News & Business/Market & Industry/By Industry & Topic/Science & Technology

News & Business/News/By Industry & Topic/Science & Technology

News & Business/Individual Publications/

News & Business/Science & Technology

Elsevier titles can also be found within the 54 state and territories area of law (AOL) Tabs. The AOL tab links appear in the Law Review & Journals folder as a surfaced link titled Elsevier Full-Text Journals.

Elsevier is a world leading, multi-media publisher of nearly 25% of the world's scientific, technical and medical (STM) journals. LexisNexis is the exclusive provider of Elsevier full-text journals to the legal market - offering a substantive collection of those available in the English language. LexisNexis and Elsevier will provide you with the ability to:

  • Conduct prior art research
  • Prepare for litigation by reviewing articles written by experts or getting a better understanding of highly complex technical and scientific issues
  • Research medical malpractice issues
  • Understand new economic theories while utilizing the familiar user interface.

Typical Uses/Sample Searches for Elsevier Titles:

What are environmental researchers currently using Elsevier content for?

Environmental attorneys and litigators are using the content to get verse on the latest issues and theories impacting the environment, climate change, and waste disposal.

Sample Search:

Issue: Counsel is looking for the standards for the proper disposal of radioactive wastes. Legal > States Legal - U.S. > Combined States > Elsevier Full-Text Journals > Elsevier Environmental Science Full-Text Journals

Search: headline (disposal w/25 radioactive)

What are insurance defense researchers currently using Elsevier content for?

Insurance defense counsel use the content to determine reasonableness standards and to answer coverage questions/disputes in litigation. They are also using to prepare to depose witnesses, for trial preparation, to become versed on highly technical issues.

Issue: Counsel is looking for standards for collision avoidance systems in vehicles News & Business > Featured Content & Services > Elsevier Full-Text Journals, All

Search: headline (collision avoidance and (vehicle or auto!))

What are medical malpractice researchers currently using Elsevier content for?

Healthcare researchers are using the content to learn about the state of the art in the proper treatment of patients and diseases, to learn about cutting edge advances and applications.

Sample Search:

Issue: Counsel is looking for standards involving the coronary artery bypass grafting. Legal > States Legal - U.S. > Combined States > Elsevier Full-Text Journals > Elsevier Health Sciences & Medical Full-Text Journals

Search: headline (guideline and coronary artery bypass)

What are IP researchers currently using Elsevier content for?

IP researches are also using for prior art investigations, trial preparation and expert witness depositions.


  • Litigation preparation

Search complex business, medical, technical, or mechanical terms

  • Prepare to depose a witness
  • Background preparation for trial
  • Identify leading studies, competing views, or narrow application
  • Case assessment
  • Determine reasonable standards
  • Uncover mitigating conditions

For a full list of Elsevier titles, or an in person demonstration, kindly contact your local Research Consultant!

Happy Researching!

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