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Medical Malpractice Caps In Action: What’s A Discarded Kidney Worth?
Posted on 4 Jun 2014 by LexisNexis Legal Newsroom Staff

Picture yourself in the hospital with life threatening renal disease. Doctors tell you that your brother is a perfect match for a kidney transplant. Picture yourself as the brother. You agree to donate a kidney to save your sister. You both go under anesthesia... Read More

Jury Verdict Round-Up: Top 10 Medical Malpractice Verdicts of 2014
Posted on 13 Feb 2015 by LexisNexis Legal Newsroom Staff

During 2014, the attorney editors on the LexisNexis Jury Verdict team covered several notable medical malpractice verdicts from across the country. This informal list of top 10 cases captured our attention, so we thought you might like to hear about them... Read More