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Associated Press Reporter Accused Of Libel By Tweet
Posted on 11 Apr 2011 by Lee Berlik

Did an Associated Press reporter commit a foul against an NBA referee earlier this year by defaming him on Twitter during a league game? On March 14, 2011, National Basketball Association official Bill Spooner filed a federal defamation case against Associated... Read More

Failure To Demonstrate Basis For Subject Matter Jurisdiction Can Lead To Monetary Sanctions
Posted on 14 Feb 2013 by Lee Berlik

If you're going to file a lawsuit against someone, you'd better explain the basis for it. A complaint doesn't need to include much detail, but it must at least allege facts showing that you've been wronged and that you are entitled to... Read More

Virginia Federal Judge Bars Former Attorney From Filing Frivolous Lawsuits
Posted on 30 Mar 2012 by Lee Berlik

When former attorney Ann Marie Miller had a bone to pick with Jennifer Ann Kelley, Miller used her knowledge of the legal system to represent herself in numerous suits of questionable merit against Kelley, according to Judge Wilson of the Western District... Read More

Lawyer's Defamation Arguments Rejected In Virginia Court, Town Dismissed From Lawsuit
Posted on 10 Jun 2011 by Lee Berlik

When SolAVerde's attorney spoke to the media about his client's defamation claims against the Town of Front Royal and certain councilmen, he sounded pretty confident. The court, however, disagreed with his arguments and dismissed the Town from... Read More

In Lawyer's Defamation Action, Draft Complaint Afforded Absolute Privilege
Posted on 7 Jun 2011 by Lee Berlik

Virginia courts have long held that statements made in connection with judicial proceedings are entitled to absolute protection from defamation liability. To encourage truthfulness in litigation, Virginia public policy has extended an absolute privilege... Read More

Lacoste Granted Limited Discovery In Lawsuit Over Sales In 'Big Box' Stores
Posted on 14 Apr 2011 by Lee Berlik

Lacoste Alligator, S.A., which sells tennis shirts and other apparel with the distinctive green crocodile logo in high-end stores like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, will get a chance to find out, through discovery in a lawsuit, which of its distributors... Read More