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Ballard Spahr LLP: DOJ Cracks Down on Cyber Criminals
Posted on 22 Jul 2015 by Ballard Spahr LLP

The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently announced the largest coordinated international law enforcement effort ever directed at an online cyber-criminal forum. Financial institutions and other companies should consider whether to incorporate some of... Read More

ACC Foundation Releases Largest Study of its Kind on Cybersecurity Among In-House Counsel Underwritten by Ballard Spahr LLP
Posted on 10 Dec 2015 by Ballard Spahr LLP

The Association of Corporate Counsel Foundation (ACC) released a State of Cybersecurity report underwritten by Ballard Spahr on December 9, 2015. The report provides valuable insights on cybersecurity issues from more than 1,000 corporate lawyers at 887... Read More

Ballard Spahr LLP: Calif. Law Does Not Bar Recording of Cell Phone Calls by Participants, Federal Court Rules
Posted on 19 Aug 2014 by Ballard Spahr LLP

By the Consumer Financial Services Group A California federal court recently ruled that the state’s call recording statute does not apply to cell phone call participants. This decision should help companies that record consumer calls for monitoring... Read More

Ballard Spahr LLP: California Updates Data Breach Notification Statute
Posted on 21 Oct 2015 by Ballard Spahr LLP

By Odia Kagan, Philip N. Yannella and Roshni Patel Three bills that will update California’s data breach notification requirements have been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. The bills impose specific requirements on providing breach notification... Read More

Ballard Spahr LLP: Caveat Venditor (Let the Seller Beware): Consumer Protection Laws Can Have Significant Implications
Posted on 19 Aug 2014 by Ballard Spahr LLP

By Roger D. Winston, Shelah F. Lynn, Timothy P. Martin and Katherine M. Noonan A decision by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals emphasizes the need for real estate developers to proceed with caution when making representations to potential home... Read More

Ballard Spahr LLP: Massive Hacking Operation Further Reveals Weakness Of Passwords
Posted on 12 Aug 2014 by Ballard Spahr LLP

By the Privacy and Data Security Group A small private cybersecurity firm recently revealed that a Russian computer hacking organization amassed more than 1.2 billion username and password combinations. The data was collected across a wide swath of... Read More

Ballard Spahr LLP: California, Nevada Expand Scope of Customer Personal Information Subject to Reasonable Security Measures
Posted on 17 Aug 2015 by Ballard Spahr LLP

Recent statutory amendments passed in California and Nevada expanding the definition of “personal information” will significantly impact the security measures businesses operating in these states must implement when handling personal information... Read More