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Early Action on Your Construction Contract is Key
Posted on 6 Nov 2014 by Christopher G. Hill

I bang the drum of early and frequent consultation with one of us construction attorneys on a regular basis here at Musings and in other places of the “blawgosphere.” Why do I do this? Doesn’t such consultation help to avoid the problems... Read More

Williams Mullen: Construction Local and State Tax Issues
Posted on 13 Nov 2013 by Williams Mullen

BY: STEPHANIE LIPINSKI GALLAND Every business has an accountant or finance resource. This resource spends 150% of his or her time handling the cash flow, paying the bills, and filling out the requisite federal income tax returns. What is usually... Read More

Pennsylvania Mechanics' Lien Law Amended, Clarifying Open-End Construction Loan Mortgage Priority
Posted on 18 Aug 2014 by Duane Morris LLP

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has signed into law Act 117 of 2014, [ enhanced version available to subscribers ], which amends the Pennsylvania Mechanics' Lien Law (MLL), 49 P.S. 1101, et seq., [ enhanced version available to Read More

Troutman Sanders LLP: Construction Owner, General Contractor and Subcontractor Held Liable For Sub-Subcontractor Failure to Procure Required Liability Insurance
Posted on 2 Apr 2012 by Troutman Sanders

A recent decision by the Georgia Court of Appeals opens up a new (and potentially troubling) avenue for relief in cases involving personal injury and property damage caused by downstream subcontractors on a construction project. If not overturned, this... Read More

Home Contractor’s Failure To Register Exposes It To Consumer Protection Act Liability
Posted on 1 Jun 2015 by Vetstein Law Group, P.C.

Case is Good Reminder to Ensure That Contractors Register With State With the record amount of snow, roof leaks and interior damage just beginning to hit Bay State homeowners, this spring should be a record season for Massachusetts home improvement... Read More

Duane Morris LLP: New E-Verify Requirement for Pa. Public Works Contractors, Beginning January 1, 2013
Posted on 23 Jul 2012 by Duane Morris LLP

On July 5, 2012, Pennsylvania Gov. Thomas Corbett signed into law S.B. 637 , requiring state public works contractors and subcontractors involved in projects of more than $25,000 to use E-Verify starting on January 1, 2013, or they will lose their right... Read More

The Anatomy of a Construction Dispute- The Claim
Posted on 22 Jan 2015 by Christopher G. Hill

A new year brings with it promise and challenges. The promise is a relatively clean slate and the thought that 2015 will be a great year for construction professionals and those that assist them. The challenges come from the almost inevitable issues that... Read More

Construction Law 2014: A Year in Review – RESCHEDULED DUE TO WEATHER
Posted on 23 Mar 2015 by Babst Calland

Due to the weather for Thursday, March 5, 2015, Babst Calland’s Construction Law 2014: The Year in Review seminar has been rescheduled and will now be held on Wednesday, March 25, 2015. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and... Read More

Resolve to Set Construction Project Expectations Early and Often in 2012
Posted on 9 Jan 2012 by Christopher G. Hill

As we enter 2012 expectations for the new year are in all of our thoughts. The best laid plans are made and possibilities seem endless. New Year's resolutions will be made (and possibly broken). As a construction attorney here in Virginia... Read More

Do We Really Want Courts Deciding if Our Construction Contracts are Fair?
Posted on 15 Apr 2015 by Christopher G. Hill

As I posted recently, the Virginia General Assembly has passed, and I can see no reason why the governor won’t sign, [ enhanced version available to subscribers ], a bill that would essentially invalidate preemptive contractual waivers... Read More

July 1, 2015 Statutory Changes Affecting Virginia Contractors and Subcontractors
Posted on 25 Jun 2015 by Christopher G. Hill

As always seems to be the case, this year, as in others, the Virginia General Assembly has seen fit to “tweak” a few construction related statutes. All of these changes will go into effect on July 1, 2015. The big one, and one that I posted... Read More

Quick Note: Be Careful with Pay if Paid Clauses (Both Subcontractors and General Contractors)
Posted on 29 Jun 2015 by Christopher G. Hill

Aside from waiver of lien rights ( something that will be illegal in Virginia after July 1, 2015 ), the most troublesome contractual impediment to payment for a subcontractor or supplier on a project often is the “pay if paid” clause. As a... Read More