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Recent Changes to Real Estate-Related Laws Reflect Continuing Housing Woes
Posted on 12 Jan 2012 by Andrea Lee Negroni, Esq. and Mary M. Pfaff

By Andrea Lee Negroni, Esq. and Mary M. Pfaff The continuing downdraft in the housing economy has stimulated adoption of a wide variety of consumer protection provisions in real estate laws and statutory requirements for accountability by lenders,... Read More

Mediating is Eye Opening
Posted on 28 Sep 2015 by Christopher G. Hill

As anyone that reads this construction law blog on any sort of regular basis knows, I am a big advocate for mediation in most cases (construction or otherwise). I took this truly to heart about four years ago when I decided to go through the training... Read More

Headline: Voluntary Construction Mediation Works
Posted on 20 May 2014 by Christopher G. Hill

Well, I’m back. After a busy week of meeting with clients, college visits with my daughter and a successful mediation (this time as co-counsel), I am back to what I hope to be a more consistent posting schedule. Luckily for me, my friend Seth... Read More

Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation in Florida - Implementation Challenges for an Institutionalized Program
Posted on 26 May 2011 by LexisNexis Real Estate Law Community Staff

By Sharon Press Sharon Press is Associate Professor and Director of the Dispute Resolution Institute at Hamline University School of Law. At the time the Florida Supreme Court Task Force on Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Cases was created, she... Read More

The Anatomy of a Construction Dispute Stage 3- The Last Straw
Posted on 7 Apr 2015 by Christopher G. Hill

Over the past two weeks here at Construction Law Musings, I’ve discussed the first two stages of a typical construction dispute (if such a thing exists): the claim , and how to bring heat short of litigation/arbitration . As promised, this week... Read More

Federal Court Refuses To Dismiss Government’s Statutory Claims against Mortgage Originators That Allegedly Defrauded HUD
Posted on 15 Oct 2013 by Ballard Spahr LLP

A federal judge recently rejected motions to dismiss in a suit in which the U.S. government alleged that two mortgage originators and their officers defrauded the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) into insuring risky mortgage loans. ... Read More

Anatomy of a Construction Dispute- A Wrap Up
Posted on 8 Apr 2015 by Christopher G. Hill

Over the past four weeks, I’ve “mused” on the “stages” of a construction dispute. What started as a kernel of thought in my mind turned into what has seemed to be a popular set of four posts that I hope were both informative... Read More

More Musings From the Mediation Trenches
Posted on 30 Jun 2015 by Christopher G. Hill

As those that read this construction blog on a regular basis know, I became a Virginia Supreme Court certified mediator a few years ago. I did so because I believe that mediation as a form of alternate dispute resolution is in most cases a much better... Read More

There's No Place Like Home: Applying Dispute Systems Design Theory to Create a Foreclosure Mediation System
Posted on 27 May 2011 by LexisNexis Real Estate Law Community Staff

By Andrea Kupfer Schneider and Natalie C. Fleury Andrea Kupfer Schneider, Professor of Law, Marquette University Law School. Natalie C. Fleury, Program Coordinator for Dispute Resolution and Adjunct Professor of Law, Marquette University Law... Read More

Alert: AAA Construction Industry Rules Update
Posted on 23 Sep 2015 by Christopher G. Hill

The American Arbitration Association has made some needed updates to their Construction Industry Arbitration and Mediation Rules, effective July 1, 2015. Among the changes listed at their website are: • A mediation step for all cases with claims... Read More

Arbitrators can decide validity of arbitration provision in construction contracts
Posted on 6 Dec 2011 by Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

By Edward Lozowicki and Robert Sturgeon Binding arbitration of construction disputes is frequently required by standard industry contracts. For example, the contract forms published by the American Institute of Architects either require or provide... Read More