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JPMorgan Settles With The SEC
Posted on 24 Jun 2011 by Peter J. Gallagher

The SEC announced that JPMorgan Securities LLC agreed to pay $153.6 million to settle SEC charges that the company "misled investors in a complex mortgage securities transaction just as the housing market was starting to plummet." Pursuant to... Read More

Duane Morris: Nevada Ruling Suggests Lenders Wait Until Foreclosure Before Pursuing Guarantor Claim
Posted on 14 Mar 2013 by Duane Morris LLP

In a recent case, the Supreme Court of Nevada agreed that a lender needed to wait until the completion of a foreclosure sale before making a deficiency claim against a guarantor. In Ken L. Templeton Family Trust, et al. v. Eighth Judicial District Court... Read More

When Can Foreclosing Lenders Be Accused Of Acting In Bad Faith?
Posted on 26 Mar 2013 by Peter J. Gallagher

In a recent decision, the Chancery Division denied a lender's motion to strike a borrower's contesting answer in a foreclosure lawsuit, holding that the borrower had adequately pled a claim that the lender acted in bad faith. While this decision... Read More

Vetstein Law Group: GMAC Mortgage and First American Battle At SJC Over Title Insurance Coverage
Posted on 29 Apr 2013 by Vetstein Law Group, P.C.

By Richard D. Vetstein, ESQ Rejects "In For One, In for All" Theory in Title Insurance Coverage One little mistake in drafting and recording legal documents during a refinance can result in a huge problem for a lender - such as the lender... Read More