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Lenders’ Rights Under Threat in Nevada: the Nevada Supreme Court Rules That Homeowners Association Liens Can Extinguish First Deeds of Trust
Posted on 19 Dec 2014 by GreenbergTraurig

In a September 2014 ruling, the Nevada Supreme Court held that a homeowners association’s (HOA) non-judicial foreclosure sale can extinguish a mortgage lender’s previously-recorded first deed of trust on a property if that foreclosure is to... Read More

Wisconsin Courts Can Force Lenders to Make Prompt Sales of Foreclosed Properties Which Have Been Abandoned by the Borrowers
Posted on 12 Mar 2015 by Foley & Lardner LLP

In a case that “radically revises the law on mortgage foreclosure,"[1] the Wisconsin Supreme Court recently held in Bank of New York Mellon v. Carson , 2015 WI 15, [ enhanced version available to subscribers ], that Wisconsin circuit... Read More

Real Cases in Real Estate By Andrea Lee Negroni, Esq. – February 22d, 2012 Update
Posted on 22 Feb 2012 by Andrea Lee Negroni

Real Cases in Real Estate is a weekly update on real estate law, with legal principles illustrated and explained by lawsuits from around the country. The topics are wide-ranging for appeal to a broad spectrum of readers including lawyers, homeowners... Read More

Vetstein Law Group: Massachusetts SJC Looks At Roles Of Mortgage Servicers and MERS In Eaton v. FNMA Arguments
Posted on 4 Oct 2011 by Vetstein Law Group, P.C.

By Richard D. Vetstein, ESQ I just finished watching the oral arguments in the SJC case of Eaton v. Federal National Mortgage Ass'n , The webcast should be up soon on the SJC Website . You can read the briefs in the case here . As outlined in... Read More