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Anatomy of a Construction Dispute- A Wrap Up
Posted on 8 Apr 2015 by Christopher G. Hill

Over the past four weeks, I’ve “mused” on the “stages” of a construction dispute. What started as a kernel of thought in my mind turned into what has seemed to be a popular set of four posts that I hope were both informative... Read More

Mandatory Arbitration Isn’t All Bad, if. . .
Posted on 3 Aug 2011 by Christopher G. Hill

In the past week or so mandatory arbitration has been all the rage. From those that argue that arbitration is becoming more burdensome than litigation , to my friend and fellow construction attorney Scott Wolfe who gives great advice on how to make arbitration... Read More

Final Rule Published on Cranes and Derricks in Construction
Posted on 21 Sep 2010 by Vandeventer Black LLP

By Mike Sterling The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published a new rule addressing the use of cranes and derricks in construction. The complete rule is available at Read More

When The Federal Govt Acts Badly, But Not Badly Enough To Show Bad Faith – What’s A Contractor To Do?
Posted on 28 Jul 2015 by Williams Mullen

By: Robert K. Cox In the prior issue of this newsletter, we included an article on the high standard of proof and the practical considerations for a federal government contractor claiming that the federal government acted in bad faith in its contract... Read More

Green Building- Interesting Third Party Issues
Posted on 11 May 2011 by Christopher G. Hill

Originally posted 2009-08-24 09:00:00. As I was following some of the posts by @ imadnaffa on Twitter, I came across a post by a consultant that guarantees LEED Certification. This got me thinking about the myriad issues relating to the third party... Read More

The Most Dangerous Item On A Construction Site?
Posted on 31 Jul 2014 by Vandeventer Black LLP

By George M. Nicholos , associate, Vandeventer Black LLP What is the most dangerous item on a construction worksite? You might guess heavy machinery, cranes, or careless construction workers? But you would be wrong, because ironically the most dangerous... Read More