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“Green” Expectations. . . or Just Expectations (“green” is not a specification; it’s a paint color)
Posted on 1 Mar 2012 by Christopher G. Hill

I was having a discussion regarding "green" building with my friend and recent guest poster here at Musings , Nick Pacella (@ nmpacella ) this past week and (as often happens when I chat with the great folks in the construction world) it got... Read More

Tall and Sustainable Is Not an Easy Fix
Posted on 25 Oct 2012 by Christopher G. Hill

Way back in 2009, I discussed the interaction between taller and taller buildings and sustainable ("green") building . Back then, the reference was to the construction of skyscrapers in the Middle East and Europe. The initially referenced ENR... Read More

More Thoughts on “Green” (the Practice, not the Color) Building
Posted on 27 Mar 2014 by Christopher G. Hill

It has been a while since I “mused” on the green building landscape. While I am a LEED AP and have presented on green (read “sustainable”) building in the past, I am not totally sold on LEED as the be all end all in sustainable... Read More

Columbia Law School Center for Climate Change Law: New York City Announces Green Lease Project
Posted on 25 Apr 2011 by J. Cullen Howe

By J. Cullen Howe, Environmental Law Specialist, Arnold & Porter LLP On April 5, 2011, New York City announced that the law firm of WilmerHale signed a commercial office space lease with the developer of the World Trade Center reconstruction... Read More

The World Green Building Council Makes “The Business Case for Green Building”
Posted on 4 Nov 2013 by Pepper Hamilton Sustainability Counsel

Is green building a wise business decision? That is the fundamental question the World Green Building Council’s report, “ The Business Case For Green Building ,” attempts to address. The report compiles actual cost and benefit data from... Read More

Sustainability Trends in the Real Estate Sector: Market Forces at Work
Posted on 19 Sep 2013 by Pepper Hamilton Sustainability Counsel

A recently published PwC review identifies a number of business factors that are heightening attention to sustainability in the real estate sector. Among the key drivers are: • An increasing frequency in inquiries from investors such as APG Investment... Read More

A Conversation with Nancy Stoner, Deputy Assistant Administrator, U.S. EPA Office of Water
Posted on 11 Jun 2010 by LexisNexis Real Estate Law Community Staff

Nancy Stoner clearly brings enthusiasm and energy to her new position as Deputy Assistant Administrator, U.S. EPA Office of Water. Her excitement is palpable as she describes her commitment to clean water and a healthy environment and the great things... Read More

Did the 4th Circuit “Tarnish” Sustainable Construction in the CBF Case?
Posted on 4 Sep 2014 by Christopher G. Hill

Recently, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed and remanded the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s “parallam” lawsuit, [ enhanced version available to subscribers ]. Since that unpublished ruling on procedural grounds, much discussion... Read More

Real Estate Documents Turn Green
Posted on 21 Nov 2014 by Richard J. Sobelsohn

By Richard J. Sobelsohn Sustainable development is now commonplace. In his second-term inaugural address, President Barack Obama promised to respond to climate change by supporting sustainability through a greater adoption of renewable energy, including... Read More