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  • Rookie Mistakes to Avoid as an Associate: Citing To An Overturned Case

    "In a trademark dispute, I prepared the first draft of a motion based almost entirely on an analogous appellate court decision in our jurisdiction. The partner was ecstatic about the work and filed the motion with few revisions. In the response brief...
  • Courtlink Quick Guide

    A complete quick-reference guide to using Courtlink features and functionality. Learn to set up alerts, search and track cases so you can stay on top of developments.
  • Conducting Efficient Legal Research for Clients Tutorial

    Brush up on your research skills so you can efficiently and effectively perform legal research for clients. To view this tutorial, you will need to use adobe flash player. If you have not downloaded flash player previously here is a link to the free...
  • LexisNexis eBooks for Research on the Go!

    LexisNexis eBooks offer you an exciting new medium to help you conduct research on the go, without having to be connected to the Internet. On a plane, on a train, in court, or at home, LexisNexis eBooks provide the traditional book reading experience...
  • Research Efficiently for Clients

    Learn to research efficiently and effectively for clients in this free webinar. View Previously Recorded Webinar