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Pastor Going to Trial for Tax Charges Predicted Jesus Would Come On May 27

I have previously blogged on Ronald Weinland.  See Controversial Pastor, Self Proclaimed Prophet, Indicted re Income from Church Offerings and Offshore Accounts (11/21/11), here.  My impression from afar is that he is just a charlatan (see here) in the guise of a religious person.  Just in case he has some connection with God (maybe a prophet?), I thought I would inform readers of this blog that he was predicting that Jesus would return to the Earth on May 27.  Church of God pastor indicted for tax evasion, predicts coming of Christ (Fox 19 5/22/12), here.


Jesus did not come on May 27.  Let me clarify, I do not have any credible report that Jesus did come on May 27.  Even Mr. Weinland has changed his prediction, though, so that the prediction is not inconsistent with the facts.  It now appears that Mr. Weinland  has recalibrated and has announced that Jesus will come next year. Ron Weinland: Oops! My Bad! Jesus Is Coming Next Year, or Maybe After That, or Maybe..... (Armstrongism Blog 5/28/12), here.  


It seems to me that in addition to not looking at the right time for Jesus, Mr. Weinland is looking for Jesus in all the wrong places such as foreign bank accounts.


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