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New Indictment of U.S. Tax Return Preparers & Enablers re Offshore Bank & Related Activity

In a First Superseding Indictment, here, filed June 14, 2012 in CD CA, three principals of a tax return preparation service, United Revenue Service ("URS") were indicted.  The DOJ Tax Press Release is here, Three Tax Return Preparers Charged With Helping Clients Evade Taxes By Hiding Millions In Secret Accounts At Two Israeli Banks.

URS operated in several states under variations of the name URS.  The individuals include David Kalai and Nadav Kalai, who are Israeli citizens who subsequently became naturalized U.S. citizens.  Another defendant is Advid Almog, also an Israeli citizen who was a U.S. permanent resident alien.  A tax return preparer identified as "R.S." is named as an unindicted co-conspirator.  Various clients are identified with initials in the indictment.

1040 Individual Tax return


In order to further conceal income from the IRS, defendants ALMOG, D. KALAI, and N. KALAI, along with unindicted co-conspirator R.S., would file and cause to be filed false individual, corporate, and partnership tax returns with the IRS.

In order to further conceal the Clients' ownership and control over the assets in the undeclared bank accounts, defendants ALMOG, D. KALAI, and N. KALAI, along with unindicted co-conspirator R.S., would cause the Clients to fail to prepare and file FBARs with the Department of the Treasury concerning the Clients' foreign financial accounts at Bank A Luxembourg and Bank B Switzerland-Luxembourg Branch.


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