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Tax Protestors Alive and Well and Living in Canada
Posted on 16 Apr 2012 by Allison Christians

The tax protestor movement is alive and well in Canada and getting some publicity just in time to serve as a warning to Canadian taxpayers readying their annual returns.* I read with interest the recent case of Russell Porisky and his wife Elaine Gould... Read More

Tax Mitigation-Avoidance-Evasion
Posted on 5 Jun 2012 by Allison Christians

"Tax avoidance involves arrangement of a transaction in order to obtain a tax advantage, benefit, or reduction in a manner unintended by the tax law. It is an unacceptable manipulation of the law which is unlike legitimate tax mitigation. Mitigation... Read More

OECD Praises Itself Through G20 For Progress on Tax Evasion - But Is It Praiseworthy?
Posted on 20 Jun 2012 by Allison Christians

In a recent post on its website, the OECD says that the G20 has reported that "steady progress is being made towards tackling tax evasion more effectively." In an article I wrote in 2010, I called the G20 a syndicator of OECD tax views ,... Read More

Will Developed Countries Learn to Tax?
Posted on 6 Mar 2012 by Allison Christians

In 1963, Nicholas Kaldor published a paper in Foreign Affairs about the ongoing fiscal problems of poor countries, entitled " Will Underdeveloped Countries Learn to Tax? " It turns out Kaldor should have aimed this advice at his own country... Read More

Corporate Tax Transparency
Posted on 12 Apr 2012 by Allison Christians

The activist-led movement to increase multinational tax disclosure is proving to be a full-employment program for natural resource industry lobbyists. The money and energy available for fighting against transparency seems limitless. We have seen the effects... Read More

Does America Need A Two-Page Tax Code?
Posted on 27 Mar 2012 by Allison Christians

Emphatically, no. I just absolutely disagree with Fareed Zakaria on this , as I do with anyone who thinks that the measure of a tax system is the shortness of its tax code. We live in a complex and intricate world, in which transacting involves complex... Read More