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Busting Myths About Rich People's Taxes
Posted on 18 Apr 2012 by Martin A. Sullivan

There are good reasons for the government to keep its hand out of the pockets of the wealthy. For example -- and this will be a shocker to most liberals out there -- it is a basic tenet of tax economics that an efficient system should eliminate all taxes... Read More

A Grown-Up Conversation About Corporate Tax
Posted on 27 Feb 2012 by Martin A. Sullivan

Nothing is more fun for liberals than to catch a big multinational abusing U.S. tax laws. Google, Cisco, General Electric, and Apple -- to name a few -- now have public relations problems because the press has put a spotlight on their use of offshore... Read More

Tax Reform Goals Differ for Corporate Coalitions
Posted on 19 Mar 2012 by Martin A. Sullivan

When it comes to taxes, corporate America is divided into two parts. First, there are companies that pay full freight. Their effective tax rates are close to the statutory 35 percent rate. They tend to be low-tech and labor-intensive, and -- most of all... Read More