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A Simple-Minded Question for Thanksgiving

I think of myself as simple-minded. That doesn’t mean I think I’m a dope; it just means that I like to think of things in simple terms. Politicians like to present things in complicated and confusing terms.

. . . .

So here’s my simple-minded question. Does the GOP stance on tax cuts and unemployment benefits make any sense?

Many, many years ago, I had a roommate. I viewed him as a country-club Republican wannabee. Trust me; I’m fine with principled conservatives, but in my opinion, that's not what he was.

He once said something to me like, “If poor people can’t afford health care then they shouldn’t get sick.” I guess here he’d say something like, “If unemployed people can’t live without extended unemployment benefits then they shouldn’t have gotten unemployed in the first place.”

Unfortunately, I think many Republican lawmakers would agree that the longer-termed unemployed should be on their own. I wouldn’t call that point of view principled conservatism. I’d call it heartless.

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