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Article in Continuing Negotiations with the Swiss Government / Banks

Lynnley Browning has a new article on this continuing saga, Exclusive: Swiss offer U.S. tax deal for all Swiss banks (Reuters 10/3/11), here.

The thrust of the article is that the Swiss want an all inclusive deal covering  the 11 prominently mentioned Swiss banks and as many as 355 Swiss banks by paying up to $10 billion. Presumably the deal, if accepted by the U.S. would cover civil and criminal exposure for the banks and perhaps their employees and agents. But, according to the article, the U.S. prefers to negotiatewith the individual banks, at least the 11 ildentified egregious offending banks.

The article says in passing that the IRS referred the names of the 11 Swiss banks to the Justice Department. The term referral and its variants often is used to mean a criminal referral -- a referral with a recommendation for prosecution or for further grand jury investigation (perhaps the latter in this case)......


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    Jack Townsend's blog on the continuing sad saga of the OVDI and FBAR penalties are a breath of sanity in this messed up program