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How the GOP Will Really Get 'ObamaCare'

This week Republicans in the House will bring to the floor a bill called "Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act." Stupid name for a stupid idea.

This particular bill is going nowhere. Nonetheless, voting for it will make the House GOP members feel good.

But that's not how the GOP will gut what it calls ObamaCare. No, to get health care Republicans will go after an old, familiar target: the Internal Revenue Service.

The GOP hates the IRS because the IRS is what funds big government (Republicans, however, often forget that the IRS also funds parts of the government they like as well). The Democrats who came up with health care reform have also forgotten what the IRS is supposed to do. They've now made it so that the IRS will largely administer health care reform.


It seems that just about everybody has forgotten what the IRS's job is. It's to collect taxes. And that's it!


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