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That Shining Guillotine on the Hill

Obviously lobbyists in Washington live in a bubble. I say that because if I were a lobbyist in Washington working for, say, Google or Pfizer I would be reminding my client about the French Revolution, rather than running around the Capitol frantically trying to get lawmakers to declare a repatriation holiday, under which rich multinationals could bring back cash they stashed overseas at bargain-basement tax rates.

Yep, I'd be telling my client about what's on the evening news. The regular people are starting to get real angry. They are gathering in the streets and preparing their virtual pitchforks. Times are tough. And since our leaders don't know what to do, many of them are blaming the evil rich - and whoever they are, let's be clear: multinational companies will be counted in that number.

That's what leaders do when they don't know what to do......


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