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Tax Law

The IRS: It's Bad Enough

... Over the years there have been high-ranking IRS officials who conveniently forgot that they were public servants who were supposed to serve, you know, the public. And there have been high-ranking tax administrators who have had trouble with the balance between enforcement and service (let's face it, it's a challenging balance) or who just flat-out preferred the enforcement power - kind of like the cop who loves to tailgate people late at night just to remind them who has the power.

Then there is the issue of transparency. The IRS historically doesn't like it -- at least with respect to itself. It seems the great scrutinizer doesn't much appreciate being scrutinized...


... The IRS is seriously and dangerously broken. This is not only unfair to the many dedicated public servants at the IRS; it's unfair to all of us. Get to the truth... The IRS needs fixing and it needs it now, and that starts with new and strong leadership inside the agency, and a President who is willing to spend the political capital on IRS reform. We don't have that President. As for the Republicans, they'd rather turn the IRS into Monica Lewinsky.


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