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Transfer Pricing for the Common Man
Posted on 29 Oct 2010 by Martin A. Sullivan

In an expertly choreographed effort to win public sympathy, . . . our nation's largest and most profitable companies are lobbying Congress to enact special tax relief for "trapped" foreign profits. . . . Imagine the average American family... Read More

Attack of the Killer Bs, and Other Snappy Acronyms
Posted on 11 Jan 2011 by Christopher Bergin

Last week Bloomberg ran a story on how U.S. multinational companies use sophisticated techniques to avoid paying billions in U.S taxes – billions that the rest of us get to make up. The designers of these tax “maneuvers” are brilliant... Read More

The Repeal of the 80/20 Regime
Posted on 20 Oct 2010 by Neil Aragones

On August 10, 2010, the President signed into law the Education, Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act , P.L. 111-226, which, although not evident in the name of the Act, contained certain key foreign tax credit provisions and other rules that significantly... Read More