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State Net Capitol Journal – September 16, 2013; Budget & Taxes: Fracking Fizzles In Pennsylvania
Posted on 17 Sep 2013 by State Net

Budget & Taxes FRACKING FIZZLES IN PA: A little over two years ago Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R) famously pledged to make his state "the Texas of the natural-gas boom." But that boom, fueled by the extraction of natural gas from shale... Read More

State Net Capitol Journal – November 4, 2013; Budget & Taxes: Medicaid Outpaces Private Insurance In ACA's Opening Weeks
Posted on 4 Nov 2013 by State Net

Budget & Taxes MEDICAID OUTPACES PRIVATE INSURANCE IN ACA'S OPENING WEEKS: In May the Congressional Budget Office projected that as a result of the Affordable Care Act, nine million more Americans would enroll in Medicaid in 2014 and seven... Read More